The companies’ current production facilities are strategically located in three key rubber growing districts in Sri Lanka and are fed with the best quality rubber producing plantations in the island.

Ellawala Centrifuge Factory 1-

Over 20 years of experience brought in to making one of the best quality latex concentrate producing facility in Sri Lanka. Bordering Ellawala River and surrounded by blue mountain ranges, the facility is operated by the workers from the rubber producing village. The factory is fed with 50% by the regional plantation companies and the balance 50% produce by small holder community around the factory.  Ellawala Centrifuge factory produce Liquid foam Organic HA, LA and Neon Less Centrifuge latex concentrate and organic Skim and dry rubber in solid foam.

Quality Assurance Hexagon Lab

We have been producing consistently reliable high-quality latex for over 2 dacades. We make sure our raw materials are sourced from best clones of rubber trees and treat them with optimum conditions for separating them for the highest quality centrifuge latex. Both the incoming raw materials and final products are subjected to stringent tests at the company’s own well-equipped laboratories. Quality of final products are frequently cross checked by RRISL (Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka) and independent laboratories to ensure consistent high standard of processing technique set by Lanka Organic Latex.


Company owned fully equipped lab facility and qualified technicians in Ellawala tests samples of filed latex as well as latex under maturity at the required intervals. Quality of latex has been identified at the filed level and make corrections when necessary.

for Hexagon Asia to make sure that we make the best quality latex concentrate for our customers all times.

We are also capable of carrying out rubber testing for outside customers at a convenience fee to support the industry for production of high quality LankaLatex.