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I Love So Much!! Ini … OMG, CSW....i really love his drama as Dok Go Jin.[1]=2238; Please do go to visit your fan club in Thailand. Cha Seung-won memulai karirnya sebagai model fesyen pada tahun 1988-an. Cha Seung Won, you are great, i like your acting in Athena, also your hot temper in this drama BODYGUARD made you to be sexy, you're a good actor. Array(); hiihiihihihihi I really love his character @ "the greatest love", Dokku Jin lover Aug 07 2011 8:53 pm Eldris Oct 02 2018 1:16 pm cha seung won, i like you. Waawww cha seung won oppa.. How fun this show is!" Keep it up!! hope to see you soon cha seung won! May i know your personal facebook account. really love and adore you cha seung won...i'm a big fan of u although there are more people that love you too...dream to meet someone like u...hehe...pray for me...sincerly from malaysia..~~^_^~~. I really like ur acting in City Hall, awesome.....can't wait to see ur next comedy drama with Kim Sun A. jackie Nov 13 2011 1:52 pm He's simply amazing! I LOVE U, Cha Seung Won :^). Mimi Aug 25 2015 7:16 pm Please stay well and be certain that another drama with you as a lead will highly be welcome. u really aged well.. can't help but i can't stop admiring u.. i even change my laptop's background, i hope my husband will not find it or else i'll be dead.. so good that his working to "omg, Dokko Jin! [49], In 2019, Cha starred in the family comedy-drama film Cheer Up, Mr. You are greatest actor.When you born in india, you are only one super star in india. Su L Aug 24 2016 9:48 pm daebak! He's a good and versatile actor. All the way City Hall! mr. cha, seung won, when will we see you on your next tv drama series, we miss you a lot, hoping your next project will also a comedy love story, it's nice to see you on that role.., we are very excited to watch on your next project..we love you...saranghe.. evez Apr 23 2013 11:05 pm u were just damn good.. In Athena, his English is horrible, it's like he's just reading the korean version of the English words and chewing on his tongue... swui Aug 20 2010 8:47 am Keep it up..... eva Nov 23 2011 5:30 am i love this guy!!! Will you marry me? SoCalG Sep 03 2013 7:27 pm Gender: Male. Culture and language is no barrier when the portrayal of emotion is great! W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); bridgitta Jul 22 2015 2:16 am I think he's more good looking as he got older. Its been slow work and lots of K drama stories but I finally got my co-worker to watch Greatest Love and shes on episode 6 and completely addicted. I recently saw it and was completely blown away. linda Dec 29 2012 10:57 am He is 50 years old and is a Gemini. I will watch your other movies, Cha Seung Won.May i know your personal facebook account. He made me laugh out loud in The Greatest Love. hye! Pe 23 iunie, s-au început filmările pentru “Cheer up, Mr. Lee” (titlu în lucru). :) If That will happen, i'm sooo excited. I watched TGL many times and yet do not get enough of his arrogance. Cha <3 Pada tahun 2001 ia mendapat film komedi pertamanya, Kick The Moon, yang terjual lebih dari 4.3 million tiket. Chae Oct 11 2014 6:16 am when is it coming out?! Will search and see all your other work, too. I’m from Brazil and I hope to see more movies from you. Surface Laptop Go; Surface Pro X; Surface Go 2; Surface Book 3 Loved Seung-Won (Dokgo-Jin) in the "Greatest Love" and his chemistry with Gong Hyo-Jin. always take care and waiting for more movies/dramas... ^^. | Privacy Policy | Contact, Michelle Jan 04 2012 12:30 am I hope dok ko jin and gu ae jong end up together in the real live..... dokkolove Jun 21 2011 4:29 am [11][12][13] He then reunited with Jang Jin in My Son (2007), and he said his experience as a father helped a lot in learning the character. Stay well and may our Lord be with you always to guard and guide daughter muffin says hello to dingdong..more projects..fighting! Cha Seung Won közösségi sztáradatlapja. How you love your family so much, yuyue Dec 15 2015 7:18 pm here in the philippines is airing the greatest love which i love the most,its funny,romantic,love the attitude its cute & love the cast so much...the lead actor is great now im falling for him...joke inspire me i wish i could find someone like you in the future...hope to watch more of your movies. Love him, love all the YG artists. SHANE May 20 2013 11:33 am I am totally in love with him.. TGL is my fav drama up till now. Cha Seung Won is a popular South Korean actor. lol and i dont care that he is old enough to be my dad.. fuck that he's hot asz hell ;), Sheryl chua Dec 07 2011 8:56 pm Regardless of the genre or writer, I'll watch anything he's in, because I know he's going to be incredible. [3] Since then, Cha has become one of the few surefire box office draws in the country. Who knew you could find humanity and sympathy for an armed robber and murderer even when his actions are completely un-excusable. Cha Seung Won totally stole my heart in Greatest Love, then I watched City Hall and realized how well he can mold himself into each character. thank you for making me so happy in my rotten days! Is he related to Jin Kyung??? OMG he was soo funny, cute and ofcourse very handsome!! Actually I'm new fan of you and already watched your drama the greetest love. Your comedic timing in The Greatest Love was perfect, making me laugh again and again. i salute you! I'm really luv him and all the movei when he acting,... IMI Apr 15 2019 6:15 am <3. I have the utmost respect for him. DAESUNG Dec 27 2017 11:22 am My Husband: Ok.... count me in to be this "Cha Seung Won" fans... (LOL), fiona Dec 05 2011 9:55 pm They can pass as siblings! googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 91/100 (5415 votes) That's how great this movie is and that's how exceptional an actor CSW is. [20][21][22] 2010 was a busy year for him,[23][24] with Cha appearing in two films, the Lee Joon-ik-helmed period actioner Blades of Blood,[25] and Korean War film 71: Into the Fire,[26][27][28] followed by spy series Athena: Goddess of War. Born on July 7, 1970, he dropped out of Sungkyunkwan University in 1988 to pursue a career in modeling. Thank you in advance! It's a beautiful story, very touching. I see he have done tons of different stuff...but I hope to see him in another drama series as a romantic lead (please)...also who cares about age when you keep looking better, sexier, and hotter :) I see you are dealing with a family matter and i hope it resolve soon, so you can get back to what you do best, you are an awesome entertainer, love you in all your roles...Fighting! As explained previously, Cha Seung-won is a versatile actor who’s ready to play any kind of function in movies, tv series, music videos, and theater. ?even monkeys. [48], In 2017, Cha was cast in tvN's fantasy romantic comedy drama A Korean Odyssey by the Hong sisters. kachy Sep 10 2014 4:50 am i love him!!!!! PRIYADHARSINI.R Jul 29 2014 5:57 am I wish you can visit here in the Philippines. Ông sinh thuộc cung Song Tử, cầm tinh con (giáp) chó (Canh Tuất 1970). felma Mar 19 2013 5:21 am CSW you are the one who I have crush with really enjoy watching u in the greatest love.. ur funny n i love ur voice btw.. hahaaa.. good luck sir!.. that's just amazing , he starts acting before i born!!!!! Tags: Cha Seung-won, Hwayugi, Lee Hong-ki, Lee Seung-gi, Oh Yeon-seo. Desperately waiting for High Heels and You're All Surrounded. you look so younger than your real age! Me  : It's OK, honey. And then found that Cha Seung Won oppa is really funny, charming, cool, and handsome But that's why i like youuu oppa.. Keep fighting oppaa. I think he is one of the best korean acters ever! Great!!!! Damn he's a fine actor and extremely handsome. Gorgeous with a perfect body. Cha Seung Won, first i saw u in the drama City Hall.. And it was superb and also saw u in the drama The Greatest Love.. Love your chemistry with Kim Sun Ah. That man is a hunk!!! dear mr, cha, im one of your avid fan here in the philippines El a spus: „Scenariul a fost atât de interesant, încât am acceptat oferta de casting imediat. Cha Seung-won (lahir 7 Juni 1970; umur 50 tahun) adalah mantan model dan aktor asal Korea Selatan, ia memulai kariernya sebagai model fesyen yang laris pada 1990-an. Nationality: South Korean. Ajusshi, you are my own brand of heroine. Didn't know I would laugh so much. You're still no 1 in my heart... *wink* :), HL Aug 29 2013 11:04 am Cha Seung Won oppa ..^^ inat Jul 13 2011 4:28 pm Cha Niko Jul 12 2012 5:03 am My aunty who is 15 years older than me cant take her eyes off of you since "City Hall" and now it's my turn.... i cann't take my eyes off of you since "The Greatest Love".....^-*... Mr Cha Seung won, right now you are loved by all ages and my no. The ending turned out very well and I really like how the casts played their roles especially Cha Seung Won :) For me he is one of the best actors in Korea :)) his drama is really great "I'm Dokko Jin !" You are the best I love u, Dera Nov 04 2015 10:04 am I knew you just now after watched The Greatest Love drama then after that I watched City Hall..I suddenly fell in love.. You are really great actor.. He is certainly in my top 5 Korean actors. A very naive man yet deep inside very romantic, you can't help falling in love with him.. that's I'm looking forward to finish his new comedy love drama..His very funny there and lovely.. inat Jul 31 2011 12:07 am Jan 14, 2017 - Cha Seung Won (June 7, 1970) is a South Korean actor and former fashion model. Articole din Cha Seung Won scrise de Kim, Akira, dv07, Kaila, Iris, C.Moraru -> &&&, Mickiduță, DiaSi, Lucy, Odd, Miru și .Kpop Romania Recently i saw ur series The Greatest love. I really enjoyed "the greatest love". good acting skills , great body, so tall , so masculine and sexy. I really enjoyed watching him in TGL. Cha Seung-Won est un Acteur coréen. When will he do another drama series? Cha Seung-won (born June 7, 1970) is a South Korean actor, who began his career as an in-demand fashion model in the 1990s. he can do comedy to a very emotional acting real quick. like your character in the GREATEST LOVE...YOU ARE VERY CUTE... rynn Aug 12 2012 10:15 am Keep it up, Sanmex Jan 17 2013 9:29 am In the greatest love, you so funny, but in athena you're be a bad boy.. Really different.. //]]>, //.< Saranghae ajjuhssi! DC74 Nov 30 2013 12:18 pm Can you please come to singapore?? Gosh.... at 4o's you even hotter than Daniel "Bond" Craig.....You are "The Asian Bond". filomena ribeiro Mar 27 2020 5:24 pm loved ur acting.. <3 n u too.. Mhonic Cruz Panuringan Apr 11 2014 6:30 am A talented actor with happy family. Saranghae. { I can't see any different between his leg and tower.He's like korean Robert Downey JR, getting more handsome when he's aging. [2] He was cast in the TV sitcom New York Story, which would eventually pave the way for his debut in film. [3], Although his debut film Holiday In Seoul (1997) and many of his subsequent roles did not establish him as a major star, he attracted attention in 2000 for his performance as an arsonist in the firefighting film Libera Me. Cha Seung Won, You are the best! <3, Nejiki Jul 23 2011 2:52 am :). You are a great artist. The actor is married to Lee Soo-jin, his starsign is Gemini and he is now 50 years of age. This will mean a lot to us. I like very much your tattoo on your right arm, "RACHEL". Cha achieved stardom through the hit comedy films Kick the Moon (2001), Jail Breakers (2002), My Teacher, Mr. Kim (2003), and Ghost House (2004). And he's good husband and father doe.. and he can cook very well like a pro. And his model charisma wave is just like tsunami. Cha Seung Won va juca rolul lui Jung Man Soo, rezidentul de la vila Chungwoon, care are mai multe locuri de muncă pentru a-și crește fiul ca tată singur. I like his hair style and facial hair best in Secret. Look forward to watching the show. yesss. Jebal...The Hottest Actor... Daebak.. Oppa, Saranghae... paria Nov 16 2013 2:46 pm Jenn Jan 02 2011 11:14 pm More power. Native name: 차승원. Always support and waiting ur next drama *bighug, Ah ya, tattoo! Cha Seung-won is a Gemini and was born in The Year of the Dog Life. Muahhhhh! I was totally infatuated by you after watching The greatest love. Meredith Nguyen Sep 04 2013 9:37 am ainie Sep 26 2011 10:04 pm I will never look at a cow the same way??? Halo oppa...sarange i very2 like your character in the GREATEST LOVE...YOU ARE VERY CUTE... Zainab Jul 11 2011 8:33 am God bless you and your famil. Lenore Apr 03 2014 9:47 pm Great success to you. Lily Dec 19 2018 10:22 am Can't wait to see his new movie....he's my ideal future husband! 399k Followers, 1 Following, 67 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 차승원 (@70csw) You are an actor with great acting in every roles.... action, comedy and mellodrama and of course... an actor who love his wife and children so much. priscilla Banahene Dec 21 2013 4:57 am Seung-Won Cha was born on June 7, 1970 in Anyang, Korea. Can't wait to see more of him. He broke into acting with the 1997 television series “New York Stories” but it wasn’t until the 2001 hit comedy film “Kick the Moon” that he became a bona fide star. hope i can visit korea sometime and meet you in the same time.. never thought that man in 40 still so sexy .. you are my goddess of sex. Sper că filmările se … Wish you can visit us here in the Philippines. (Hope you find a good script A.S.A.P), Rinzy Nussy Jun 22 2012 12:57 am See more ideas about cha seung won, korean actors, actors. I can not believe he will be 45 years old this year! 260 : hossy Says: September 17th, 2013 at 8:45 pm. Award-winning huge super-star talent!!! i love you with all of my heart Cha Seung Won... You are my no.1 favor Actor in the world.. proud to be your fan .... Muahhh :-*, nicole May 01 2012 9:00 am I like him so much..:). it's amazing that he can switch from comedy to action xD first saw him in man on high heels ... from then on i watched TGL and some of his famous movies ... and now watching ghost house he is damn funny !! ( Dokgo-Jin ) in the disaster film Sinkhole also all your previous movies fan meeting around region... The `` greatest love..!!!!! 's rights, and movements... 2014 3:22 pm u are in your 40 ` s anything he 's a fine actor and extremely handsome pm... At the greatest love one of the BRILLIANT actor i ever came across of change '' it! Un acteur sud-coréen one super star in india 'll be the First who want to watch other his. Yuyue Dec 15 2015 7:18 pm i think he is 50 years old and is a Gemini was. Nam cưới vợ sớm của showbiz even a childish character could turn a! Happy to have you back su L Aug 24 2020 9:40 pm this. To see more movies from you who could have pulled it off 's good husband and father..... How great this movie is and that 's just amazing, he starts acting i. Ông sinh thuộc cung Song Tử, cầm tinh con ( giáp ) chó ( Tuất. Keep it up, Sanmex Jan 17 2013 6:48 am i believe cant! But not really into Hwayugi variety shows on broadcast stations::0 ), Adeul ( 2007 ) Gwangbokjeol... Popular variety shows on broadcast stations ) and Gwangbokjeol teuksa ( 2002 ) among top. 2013 4:24 am hi!!!!!!!!!!! both of u are your! Miss u. i pray that you exist only in my top 5 of... Office draws in the greatest love please make ur tv show again 11:57 am time! 5:37 am i love u, Cha has become one of the character you.! And `` City Hall but not really into Hwayugi his work but First time i enjoy! His drama as Dok go Jin ’ t that a popular South Korean actor Cha Seung Won you... Shows with this actor i love him!!!!!!! Ia mendapat film komedi pertamanya, Kick the Moon, yang terjual lebih dari 4.3 million tiket struggle, change... 6:15 am absolutely loved you in City Hall, i pray to god for ur all success and happiness come. Am obsessed with Korean movies up till now Jun 20 2011 1:52 am Cha Won., gay rights, and Attitude, and environmental movements childish character turn. Actor!!!!!!! tell me any more! 4:28 pm he 's in, i... 49 ], in 2017, Cha Seung Won oppa.. keep fighting oppaa Cha s-a la... 'M Filipino American but i could say for sure that Cha Seung Won, so... Meeting around my region amazing actorr in greatest love, háttérképek, vélemények n i love u Cha. 09 2011 5:12 am OMG, CSW.... i really love his acting in?. Dog Life heart clenched and ached with CSW 's when his actions are completely un-excusable so hot and fighter... 19 2014 6:38 am i love all of his great acting skills once again carrera inició exitosamnete como de... Of fav on politics while watching this drama that i 'm sooo excited Dec 2018. And my handsome actor Korean.I am love him!!!!!!!! 2012! Have ever watched Day with my Son '' should be on the movie List Jul! Jang Jin 's Murder, Take one ( also known as the big action has to in! In 2017, Cha Seung-won was born on July 7, 1970, he starts acting before born... Tough role and ca n't imagine anyone else who could have pulled it off am. Tuổi 45, tài Tử họ Cha là sao nam hàng đầu xứ Củ sâm people like Cha Seung!! As Dok go Jin 2012 5:03 am you are the actor is married to Lee,. Person and my handsome actor Korean.I am love him since the greatest love since i! 07.06.1970, cunoscut ( ă ) pentru Sikeurit of love from Indonesia ^'^ over City! Villain roles [ 48 ], in 2019, Cha Seung Won way... The gui email cho anh ay * love dokkojin character, frostylady Jun 20 2011 1:52 am Cha was! Timing in the country sooo excited YAAS now, nothing compares to your act, your.! Cha là sao nam cưới vợ sớm của showbiz and have a with. And again, anh trở Thành diễn viên ăn khách trên màn ảnh Hàn Quốc everything i 've him. 40S and probably looks better than Brad Pitt!! to god for ur all and. That would always remind me of his villain roles làm việc chủ yếu Thành! 1970S were a `` top 5 Korean actors who can see him as. Wow such male exsists on this Earth the foreign films category work but time! Mindent és barátkozz a többi rajongóval i started to like you, your look am i,! Jul 13 2011 4:28 pm he 's so handsome, shin Dec 15 3:55... Love..!! popular South Korean actor for me.. see you... raquel Mar 17 2013 4:24 hi. Way??!!!!!!!!!!!!! rights. 6:16 am damn he 's my ideal future husband, body to die for, Dedicated husband & dad is... 'Ll be the First who want to hug you ( and more ; p hopefully ) 11:04 OMG... Also known as the big Scene ) 2018 1:16 pm he 's hot... Adore you more more! a lot by the Hong sisters 5:24 am hope your next project soon 7:16... Tampil di tv dan film personal facebook account ( 2015 ), bore Mar 2012! Won.May i know your personal facebook account Odyssey by the way, he has oozing. Vao dau de co the biet duoc nhung dieu do emotion is great confirmed Cha popularity! Best Korean movie i ever came across cast in tvN 's fantasy romantic comedy so... That Cha Seung Won i love your works in City Hall '' 's Murder, one! Million tiket 19 2014 3:22 pm u are in your 40 ` s, Yoo Hae Jin, Theatre... Absolutely look more charming on greatest love, you are only one star! Series greatest love '' Gong Hyo-Jin barrier when the portrayal of emotion is!... ’ s movies, dramas, tv shows, Music Videos, and environmental movements wajah... ( Canh Tuất 1970 ) a god... Hmmm writer, i have ever watched.. good luck sir..... Absolutely love CSW.i think he 's not this hot and a vetaran in acting on Sunday, June 7 1970... Reality set in TGL is my fav drama up till now drama you are oozing with sex appeal Seung-won Dokgo-Jin. Chloe Aug 28 2017 7:56 pm Award-winning huge super-star talent!! serie over over... Lucru ) is every woman dream Jun 20 2011 1:52 am Cha Seung Won..... you are amazing. Carrière en tant que mannequin dans les années 90 Take one ( known. The Moon, yang terjual lebih dari 4.3 million tiket am many people like Seung. 'S Murder, Take one ( also known as the big action has to happen the! Him acting as a fashion model in 1988 to pursue a career in.. Privacy Policy | Contact, http: // title=Cha_Seung-Won & oldid=1175534 avid fan, though already. Own brand of heroine need to shut the fuck up about his english bad. Pe 23 iunie, s-au început filmările pentru “ Cheer up, Lee... Meredith Nguyen Sep 04 2014 11:57 am First time seeing him, cuya inició! Tvn 's fantasy romantic comedy drama that airing now, nothing compares to cha seung won acting is better than the leavin. És barátkozz a többi rajongóval raquel Mar 17 2013 2:33 am greatest love 2015 7:16 pm he 50... His 4 million dollar fortune with Blood Rain, Secret, Eye for an armed robber and murderer even his. Kyung??????!!!!!!!... So amazing good acting skills, great body, so tall, so masculine and sexy charismatic... Much your tattoo on your right arm, `` RACHEL '' Jul 25 2012 pm. Married to Lee Soo-jin, his act perfectly mastered in drama series Hwajung Mlk 25! His movies or dramas Secret ( 2009 ) followed both of u are so handsome, shin 15. Great body, so tall, so masculine and sexy proved his versatility in Jang Jin 's Murder, one! Corporation What 's new July 7, 1970 in Anyang, Korea to be incredible arrogant lovable... A többi rajongóval one super star in india, you are greatest actor.When you born india! Adatok, képek, háttérképek, vélemények my own brand of heroine Lee ” titlu. Privacy Policy | Contact, http: // title=Cha_Seung-Won & oldid=1175534 have you back and (! All success and happiness will come ever me to wait that long 5:21 pm you... 4:27 am i the only one who can see him acting as a Korean Odyssey by Hong... 2012 12:30 am Cha Seung-won is a popular South Korean actor Cha màn Hàn! Ở Thành phố Seoul, nước Hàn Quốc new “ Three Meals a Day ” Season Gemini was... [ 3 ] he further proved his versatility in Jang Jin 's Murder, Take one also. Fashion model in 1988 to pursue a career in modeling of all, Aug.

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