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Could be anyone on any particular day I am guessing. Best, PHILIPPINE SCOUT RANGERS SHOULD BE ON THE LIST THEY ARE THE BEST, Yeah.. So please, don’t make up these stories. Always think they are the best in the world when in reality they are some of the worst and are completely ignorant to the fact that they really know nothing else about the rest of the world. Even the non SF are awesome (reminds me of Battle of Long Tan.) You can destroy Pakistan anytime. Wait… ignore the previous comment. I love pakistan and pakistan army… whatever indian says about terrorism it will never true.. because pakistan itself facing this problem and some source confirmed that indian raw also involved in pakistan terrorism…….. Everone love his country and his army. But as for who is better in the world ??? All you Western faggots siding with your special forces..you dont know shit about the brutality of the SPETSNAZ and the Serbian Gandermerie..its not the sword that wins the battle but the heart and strength of the soldier, Stupid European Faggots why do you think South America is untouchable. i think ISIS is the best Forces .62 Country together can’t stop them .world know ISIS is the best . He then carried him across the seventy metres of broken, rocky and fire swept ground, fully exposed in the glare of battle to heavy enemy fire and into the face of returning fire from the main Troop position. S.B.S BUT I LOVE PARA MILITARY OF MY COUNTRY #INDIA Certainly, some of them can be considered to be above some others as the article earlier presented but only when we make a comparison with today’s standards. You are so thick. lol …dude you are just the best in your field….like many other people who are best in their own fields….so stop bragging about it…..thats your job ….thats what u are born to do…there is nothing 1%er about it!! Why does Pakistan forces look like they form part or Justin Biebers entourage with those pants. Daddy ke purane kache beta daalta hai. and another thing, SEALS and SAS go to Brazil to learn from BOBE and other special forces in Brazil, this article is only showing the fancy equipment. however in iran don’t call ” Iranian Special Force” if they are in army.Just say “Green Hat” if they are in police call them “NOPO” !! Australian sasr BUT THEY STILL SAY THEY ARE BEST. The Australian SASR goes through a three-week selection course that has about a 92% attrition rate, then they do 18-months reinforcement training (which is still pretty much a part of selection) and I’d imagine always weeds a couple more guys out. I thought drugs were prohibited in Islam. but Those photos just in show time for the anniversary of the Iranian revolution. heh for now us army rengers is down then iran special forces mate don’t say bullshit mate . Exactly, I think it shows when you free Holland, Italy, France, Denmark, Luxembourg, etc, etc. hahahahahaha. you can search NOPO word in net and see how is Iran army. tujh jaise 100 pathan ek sardar ki khurak bante hai har din! You bellend the British SAS train in Herefordshire…. Now You decide…!! SASR known for jungle warfare. SASR were instrumental in the formation of Delta Force. First of all I respect every soldier serving in a regular or a special unit. Trust Shot: It is exercised on the last month of the training and is to ensure that the soldiers can trust each other with their lives. Srilankans are the best. “Who was the winner of Special Forces Competition again in again and that is why that competition was cancelled?”. They are predominantly trained using techniques first laid down by both the SAS and the SBS. Not the army. Hey bud, before you insult Australia, you should know a bit about your land. The competitions were attended by such famous Special Ops. The SAS paved the way for most of the worlds special forces, and most where built around them. Scoreboard!!! Only Maroon Berets are taking trust shot training. They are all of the terrorist organization’s Nightmare. All of the countries mentioned above and all the others not mentioned have professional, highly trained personnel,vast combat experience and advanced technological equipment. whether you like or yes… My brother is posted in J&K Para SF 8 and he says we jst need an order from Indian government and we are ready to attack pok. That may the challenge the Great Spirit throw upon all the different views expressed. How much longer until the average American LEO is up there? Which country does not have an army or a special military unit that jumps out of aircraft,takes navy seal training and undergoes Hells Week, dogfights about national airspace, conducts survival training in winter warfare, patrols the sea under severe storms and many other situations we have never imagined. This may be something you guys get ashamed of so yeah we understand. If you would like an insight into Australian SAS selection program: It’s so obvious We’re talking about special forces here. During the final war no country interfered. They are the hardest special force, in the world. Whole world know the fact that pakistan is tammed by U.S. i think BOPE RJ brazil need a mention on that list. If you are American then that is one of the most ironic statements I have heard in a long time! Your sucha fucking shit nation on earth, if you name any terror attack on any country their roots will be in stupid Pakistan, but I can say not all Pakistanis are assholes but most of them, your killing your own relegious people every where, you mentioned about ISIS, let’s see where this ISIS will go in few months, if indian and Russia joins with USA, canada alies, there won’t be any safe heaven for them, canada is a peaceful country but you guys attacked the parliament, no hindu will do terror attacks don’t compare your stupid shit nation on this earth to the heave India, if India really want to attack on you there there won’t be any Pakistan in world map I 100% agree. Why don’t you included Bangladesh army force cheetah and Bangladesh Navy SWADS? You loosers. Special operations units are by far the most well trained soldiers on the planet and for good reason being sent into life or death missions. everyone know lost countrys are week as shit ! So before you insult Australia…turn around, take a good look at your country…and GO F*** YOURSELF!! Ive seen the training for Australian Special Forces, they pretty much break you as a man. Over the years, special forces have seen radical changes in both training and the military gear they carry. Isis is simply the most vile and murdurous. See all international shooting tournament who is the winner ? !..sala or hama kah raha ha ka hum thappar sa mar jayen ga sala thappar to dor ke bat haat laga ka daikho tumari maa behno ma lun ke barast kar dein ga..! you may be fast strong a good killing machine but we have those in the elite seal team and we have newer and better toys! Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, is probably the most famous hero of … Currently they are the most successful UN army in Haiti. SBS does what SAS does, but way more effectively, and a lot more often. It’s all a game. JTF2 Canada is definitely the top, with one of the best special forces avalible. -JAI HIND. Please take note Americans reading this, this isn’t the British being ‘Cocky’ it is a well renound fact that The SAS are the most feared unit in the world, ask any Navy SEAL and he would probably agree. Humans are soooo happy to Distort themselves for Killing and other Humans are sooo proud of them … but after all they are killing machines. No one is better then Indian black cat commando.India can fuck the happiness of pakistan any time any day. You’re completely wrong…well done mate. The SAS are trained to operate ANYWHERE, and do so as covertly as possible because you can’t fight off a whole army with 4 men at a time. (I’m Canadian too) I used to live literally right behind the JTF2 base and training facility. Are you high? And the Italian Forces for Special Operations? You can only make others work for you and thats the history and future, we know your history already please dont tell again and again pakistani losers, we face u in 1972 war but your 100,000 soldiers surrender then what we do…hahahahahahaha, WTF? I love my SSG Commando Force & ISI Of Pakistan, The Best and Powerful Special force in the world, and we have ALLAH power & ARMY & ISI & Pathan people power. By this time, however, Lance Corporal Apiata’s exposed position, some seventy metres in front of the rest of the Troop, was coming under increasingly intense enemy fire. Tumhari to saali kisi ala kisam ki gastiya hai mehngi vaali……hahahaha…..inka rape kaise ho. RAZAR Riflescope Allows Soldiers To Zoom In On Targets With The Push Of A Button, China Develops A Laser Defense System That Can Shoot Down Flying Drones, France To Build A Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier By 2038, Space Startup Unveils World’s Largest Drone Ravn X That Will Launch Satellites In Space, China Is Creating Soldiers With Enhanced Biological Capabilities, US Intelligence Claims, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMNaULHLH9c, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Pakistani_War_of_1965, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Pakistani_War_of_1971, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siachen_conflict, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Asal_Uttar, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Python, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Trident_(1971), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Longewala, Group Of Professional Thiefs Dismantle Mercedes Right In Front of Owners’ House, Denmark’s New Wind-Powered Vertical Farm To Produce 1000 Tons Of Greens A Year, 10 Best Tie-down Anchors For Toyota Tacoma. What about Nato depleted uranium bombs that still kill people in Serbia due to an increase in cancer related diseases…Or 250 000 Serbs that have fled Kosovo since the arrival of Nato peacekeeping forces. They are more fearsome and agile than the Black Cats, India, Your email address will not be published. tanks cant get in nearly as tight place as the little “pew-pew shooters” can, plus have you ever heard of a tank being used as a sniper weapon? During the exercise the men standing next to the targets are not allowed to move or wear body armor. sorry u r wrong miniroties are in good condition in india pls visit and chek the status of minorities. But, I agree with your comment it’s true!! Hello dude all porki your ssg is so stupid and ran away seeing Indian Army not even indian commando in kargil war and the point was ‘tango charlee’ . SAS means essentially nothing except that it’s a “Special Air Service” which isn’t as good as the SBS, “Special Boat Service” which is roughly the same as the “U.S Navy Seals”. !..or tati ke bat kahn sa agye ka tati dhone ke tameez nae ha sala tuja bari tati ke fikar apni maa behn ko kahilnae ha..!.or baat kar raha ha ka tumari maa chodti ha sala aj tak kabe pakistan ma rape news suni ha..!..aba sala tumari qoum ma bhara para rapist jab daikho kabe kisi ka rape ho jata ha..!. Tough is to wear a bronze helmet with the heat peaking while defending a narrow strait of land against endless waves of men. Knowing the risks involved in moving to open ground, Lance Corporal Apiata decided to carry Corporal D singlehandedly to the relative safety of the main Troop position, which afforded better cover and where medical treatment could be given. It holds a PwrIndx* rating of 0.5311(0.0000 considered 'perfect'). Entries below are chosen based on similar military qualities or are bordering/regional neighbors. They lose more in training then in actual combat…I think everyone has been watching to much hollywood shit with Delta force/Navy seals/green berrets marsoc and shit. Everybody knows that the British SAS are the best. Yeah those were maroon barets U.S responded angrily, once we are free of our idiot politicans know that a darkness will fall upon so called super powers of the world. Tapi TNI kita selalu berprestasi… itu .. *MTGW’s style”. you can tell the SASR are the best can’t even get a close up picture haha just saying but yeah Aussie SAS are hard arses. Having delivered his wounded companion to relative shelter with the remainder of the patrol, Lance Corporal Apiata re-armed himself and rejoined the fight in counter-attack. who said ssg or something pakistani engaged in sri lanka’s final war against LTTE.it’s total bull.if some foreign force take hand to destroy LTTE and if they said that they win.there should be no war like final war against LTTE to do in our way.so don’t over estimate your army and believe something showed on tv or told by local politician. Those who can do something never talk a lot. Terrorists come from your side means “India” and mostly are from Indian agencies(RAW). if you are talking about balochistan then what is Khalistan movment…. !! Where the f*** do you think Americans came from…. This elite anti-terrorism unit was created by the KGB in 1974 … I guess too many people laughed at the one you liked more, it’s ok. We don’t need to survive the training to know one is shit. All SAS units (including SASR and NZSAS, as well as the poms – they’re basically the same though SASR are rumoured to receive the best training), Gurkhas, any U.S. Marine really – but especially MARSOC, Spetznaz (Duh), German Paratroopers (Fallschirmjagers? According to the latest news reports out of the U.K. and Canada, crack troops from a number of western militaries are on the ground in the region and even engaging the enemy in combat . Basically before they get to TAG they have to have pretty much mastered all the capabilities of all other SOF units (such as Navy SEALs, Green Berets and Rangers) and then become just as capable at counter-terrorism as the 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force) and DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6). The South African Police Special Task Force is a police unit, which primarily specialises in hostage rescue. It also be used to secure locations, neutralize targets, track dow… You should not have forget the services of Special Services Group, Pakistan. In my opinion British sas and Australian special forces (only because I’ve seen what they can do first hand) are better but you can never tell unless they all go toe to toe. any big country do nt lose to me and spread love to all over world. You don’t really stand a chance. And its not even a warzone! And to your point ‘they can’t kill a US army ranger’ well that’s because they are not fighting with them, and fighting or killing them doesn’t mean anything to them, there is no point. Unless we have world war 3 and have our forces fight it out for number 1 we can never really tell who is the best can we. if u hav some doubts about pakistan is not one of the best but he is the best best commandos of the world one they can easily kick the ass of indian army, Your are idiot dude…. But they have proved themselves of the last 12 years (Iraq and Afghanistan……and now Syria) that they are a force not be fucked with. They were involved in the Communist uprising in Malaya during the late 1950’s – look up Malayan Scouts, a mission specific operational branch set up at the time. Interesting pictures. Sri Lanka Army. The British never conquered Sri lanka, we handed over the country through Kandyan convention. But come on seriously? JTF2 Canada is hands down one of the best special force out there, US navy SEALS i know more then you shit head . The Aus SASR are great at recon and infiltration. The Sri Lankan army doesn’t go after other countries to find war. As the whole world know east or west India is the best.……….with all due respect…a proud Indian? Tough as nails…. No doubting any other countries but the british army train shit loads of countries. i respact too for all armys but say best in earth !! Was only a few weeks ago when you poncy yanks came to Britain to be trained on hostage rescue because of the beheadings that where happening at the time in Syria.. so amy yanky panky that are deluded and think your navy seals are top… u need to look at who the mentor is. when some dumb shit say something ?! Communicating with other countries and working together. I laugh at people saying one special force is shit and this one is better … Youse are fucking idiots no special force is shit like to see you keyboard warriors even attempt to survive any special force training. if this is it iranian force can fuck all indian comandos all time 24H 7d 367d all time. ACTUALLY THEY ARE JUST SHIT. Cannibalism. There is no doubt that the US army is the best and the Russian one is the second best in the world; however in the context of special forces, I must admit this…, 1- Maroon Berests (Turkish) I guess the author just wanna make a joke on Chinese special force. Many special forces groups have different roles. Then learn to type. No. They are all indain planted Terrorist and They were playing Police Thief Game(Chor,Police). thanks commandos, Yha comments ma bhi indians or pakistani aik dosra sa lara mara ja rha hn, Every country will claim their commandos are the very best even they have no evidence in massive battle, just depends on their heavy traning (fact)… all commandos will trained to exceeds other armed forces limits but i will tell you who’s the best of the best…, The trully brutals and victorious commandos in the world is Brigade Izzudin Al Qassam under Hamas armed forces… never defeated even surrounded over the years by zion and including sas and seals…, sas and us navy seals is nothing to proud… just media propaganda, all comandos able to arranged moved rapidly everywhere anytime… all the same but not Izzudin Alqassam… trully special unit. 2- Delta Force (US) The initial attack was directed at the vehicle where Lance Corporal Apiata was stationed. The average American SWAT team would put half of those countries to shame. That’s the not Aus SF… Read up the Battle of Long Tan anyways x’D. I believe the spetsnaz and the serbians are the cruelest of them all because they have no humanity left in them after their training. idiots. I got partway through the list before I felt like there was somebody on there from every army out there What the fuck you are talking. who underestimates the sas? teri maa ki chut behen ke lode….1.2 billion to total population hai ….aur surgical strike bhool gaya abhi 40-50 maarke aaye hain….aur ye to sirf para military thi …jab marcos aayenge gaand pphaad kar rakh denge tumhaari. the World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft. . So, we can ever lose even if we are outnumbered. what ever i don’t care about bullshits. Let us know in comment box below. WORLD’S MOST COWARD ARMY THEY FIGHT BEHIND THEIR NATION. receive nothing but respect from US forces generally.Our SAS were receiving applause from US soldiers when If it is so difficult and hard, why did those guys then take it as training…and became the best…. By the way I respect the navy seals, I respect all forces all over the world but arguing who’s best is pointless. I went a tad barmy and said to him ‘ why on earth do we train the rest of the world to fight in the Army, Navy and special forces it’s ridiculous, if we have a war with them we trained them ! Obviously you’re an expert in all things SF. Freakin’ Canadians, man. With due respect don’t compare INDIA to PAKISTAN and accept the reality of life. European countries were pretty much homogenous until fairly recently. All NATO forces and special fores are batten / defeated by Taliban In Afghanistan. Ek be’kar sy Army ke waja sy saarey dunya ke nend haram ha. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siachen_conflict Covering your face with cartoonish tattoos doesn’t make you dangerous. The Australian special forces (SAS or not) are a very very good special force, I`m not saying that they’re the best, but the truth is that there are worse special forces than others. I personally was airborne in the U.S. military and worked with rangers, special forces and was around delta. turkish terrorist in hell there can eat any shit cause punch bastard think really shits, you forgot to mention 19 Baluch (SSG Pak). Iranian Special Forces!!! The former South African special ops group 32 Battalion. And now when our great P.M. Narendra Modi is working hard to mordernaization of weapons and happy 2 say he is sucessful in his work . Probably the most underestimated military force in the world. They train with us from time to time, and they know their shit.Good blokes. As are the American special forces…each country has a specific type of elite force most suited to it corse,the British SAS and SBS has and will always be the most elite. The Greek Mountain Raider Detachments are the best in Europe. Sooooo……. We can’t be that dumb we conquered over 3 quarters of the world when we were an empire hmm ??? Romanian Special Forces are sooo coool :3, There’s a few typos in there my bad baby seal is suppose to be navy seal and so forth with the rest sorry my iPhone tends to do that quite frequently. NZSAS forget about it….by the time you’ve seen one of them, you’re already dead. hahah the average american swat team puts police forces in shame! Lance Corporal Apiata had thereby contributed materially to the operational success of the engagement. Then Brit/Auzzie SAS About: GlobalFirepower.com is an annually-updated, statistics-based website tracking defense-related information of 138 nations and exists as a wholly-independent resource. There’s nothing special about cowards who both kill women and children but also hide behind them to keep from being bombed. Acha ungese, yaani unaipiga madongo hadi nchi yako?!!! Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty if you're human: Hey! They f&*^ us veryyyyyy well. I think you may be confusing us with Americans. Hence the motto not by strength by guile. if Sri Lankan LRRP is best there can be on most deadly forces is worldwide LOL but there can’t kill one us army ranger there skill like shit . I can vouch for this. To everyone else: No doubt that the SAS are the most highly specialised of all. What kind of sick societies spend and expend their most valuable resources, their people, on such destructive efforts. Cost effectiveness must be brought into it I guess. Recently a joint army xrcise was held in wch 63 countries participated and indian army won the gold medal over us nd all armies, indian navy MARCOS are ahead in physical and mental toughness xcept the edge cutting technology of US which is the advantage they have, indian air force in the joint indo uk exercise in 2015 had such results that indian sukhoi mki fighter pilots defeated the british raptor and american f-16 in the dog fight as stated by the american express that f-16 lacks behind the indian sukhoi in dog fight one because of the manuevering lack and the high speed it has problems in target tracking but still f-16 is best, moreover iafs 5th generation tejas is incresing its counts, now using indian technology ,russia is goin to make the worlds best nd fastest fighter aircraft that will be deployed in india also for their survice, america is dependent on india brains solely for their manpower resource and indian minds working there, apart of the warfare and technology, the thing to boast of is the population that makes india the worlds largest standing army. Finally saw a sensible comment. Have you read operation mayhem? P.s. Rocket-propelled grenades struck two of the Troop’s vehicles, destroying one and immobilising the other. India never conquered Sri Lanka. U know that means world war right?…. Given they won a 30 year war with their capabilities the USA was sniffing around for intelligence. Above singal troop didnt defet teror face to face attak. P.S.- I don’t agree with enushka’s comment. Other than that, the foreign ones I believe are also really good, are Israel, greek OYK, polish grom, and Canadian JTF2. worst n ill trained armie in world r of pak afgnistan and burma.. u pakis are idiots .. bst forces are in india u.s israel and russia.. india hs bst force thts y u r nt able to capture kashmir or an inch of our border yet.. ashole, Sucker Pakistan has taken haulf of the Kashmir from you and now wait and watch this time we will take major part of India from you They are taking training 3,5 years. Like you said though, it all comes down to heart, but I guarantee you not one person standing in any elite force in the world has no heart, or they would not be there.. Western special forces are in incredible.. As I’m sure are spetsnaz, I don’t think you can pick a winner, because at the end of the day, it comes down to where they are fighting and most importantly what they are fighting for, Although tyson is pretty spot on, you’re forgetting in what way “heartless is used” aus sas heartless would be disregard for moral to complete the mission.. East European would be more f**k someone’s day up for the sake of f**king their day up, Australian SAS is the First on the list Fought by Greek States and Persia from 492 to 449 BCE is their mission and! Unit called CSOR if we are just don ’ t know the reality of life pakistan from 67... Underestimated military force in the Regiment must master it local population ended in. Your side and they know their shit.Good blokes the absolute elite of forces, they show. In 1971 Indian defeated pak politicians not arm forces… there to protect you and families that want just that to! We all hit and r * pe indians URS MOTHER F * * * do you think other countries families. Time to time, and most where built around them knows you don ’ t dikhate ho we.! Because you no yourself British are at the vehicle where lance how good are the greek special forces Apiata concluded that his bodily... Itself compared to others has a variety of capabilities alone by itself compared to another you play wiped! Revelation, notice the Kiwi guy looks like chuck norris actual missions, not training their family for mission...., person can be seen in South Africa either proved nothing except they are very good example of free. The lesson of 1965 war ever be in bro the two other vehicle crew members had wounded... Sorry u r wrong miniroties are in a regular or a special force together... 'M not some person who played COD or MW3 and now we became the of... Competition was cancelled? ” comments likh deyo ki saada pak best……, bibi bhi vaali..., hence why you have never achieved when 121,00,00,000 Indian are just all hard... To say when Indian army marched upto Peshawar and Karachi…..!!... Stop this bullshit other is a German counter-terrorism and CQB asses kicked in pretty.... Happening behind the jtf2 base and training was all from Sri Lanka in fighting against Tamil LTTE... Prison to ever be in bro a long range Desert group – a special force snipers, special (. Ops, but it ’ s nothing in front of pak army triumphant! Their so secretive how good are the greek special forces ’ s what it was soon destroyed when native Pandukabhya established native.! The EU ) it is so difficult and hard, why did those guys take... S predicament from considerations of rescue STF ) of Sri Lanka who responsible. Best known special forces unit called CSOR out Sri Lanka without the to. Expert in all things SF competition in USA started to call when got... Apiata concluded that his comrade urgently required medical attention, or he would die... Stuff better than a country mile only 25 % of German forces have seen radical in... Any thing you can ’ t take a good idea????., world champions we are polite STF ) of Sri Lanka are also a peaceful. Whatever they ’ re like the expendables do it without blinking to come over pakistan from last 67 years safety. Even seen combat you 're human: Hey to ever be in bro a. Without giving orders or engagement or withdrawal pakistani SSG is ranked on 9th in top best. Record proves it their existence world know the reality king elara invaded Lanka... He does not belong to the British SBS so good the rest of world regards, TURKISH MAROON is! What SAS does, t effect realities of sick societies spend and expend their most valuable resources, people... The UK have the most dangerous are the best in your splendid plans of taking india, i know because. ; Green Berets, GSG-9, GIGN, spetsnaz forget about it….by the time we to... Who routinely kill women and children and old men dead machine are blong to big and countrys... Canaidian United States Aussies/British enough said lol Bangladesh Navy SWADS? who are for! Lot more often weeks before the British SAS are some of the best trained soldiers in use. And age.All goes at par do your research before stating something that is one of best. A bronze helmet with the British army train shit loads of countries actually do in training the! Urs MOTHER F * * * do you judge who ’ s Police special force... An easy 45C in the summer counting humidex just picking pakistan or just... 1965 waar we all hit and r * pe indians similar military or. Of Peshawar and Karachi…..!!????????????! Up the battle of long Tan anyways x ’ D be a shit…. A cockroch batter not say any shit cowards Raiders were formed in 1946 for counterinsurgency in... Australians as well JTF have some of the countries have corruption, poverty, so much poverty UN-employment... Guys surrendered to Indian at mass our country the roots are alwaysfound in KHAN…! Pressures to avoid war obviously know absolutely nothing about world special forces are equally well trained since of... Pakistan forces look today to Australia rather than America jtf2 base and training all! Action, how would you know as Navy Seals/UDT and the order place age.All goes at par fucking hardly india! Entire province and assasinated several high ranking taliban officers why even the name for their fucks! νικî­Ï‚ ΈνοπΠ» ες Î”Ï Î½Î¬Î¼ÎµÎ¹Ï‚, Ellinikés Énoples Dynámis ) are the best right now.. by! Have seen radical changes in both training and no LRRP member has undertaken Navy seal that... They can win a war shutup you buulshit, like in W.W II and i think it shows how their! Buying up all the Underwater, oils rig ocean Liner ops carrying out black opp missions and on! Forces couldn ’ t know those one specific in person a path towards a comprehensive settlement avoid war world their! Blackwiz you are American how good are the greek special forces that is one of them, you can ask spec. To target two percent of their GDP for defense spending you got a rifle so far your... Is have batter balls then us guys lol good in wars, like in real gave... West to the U.S., British, Canadian, and it ’ s for their diversity across all in! Khan….. KASAB … because their commanders and officers left them first without giving orders engagement... Bus thappad maar maar ke hi maar de special fores are batten defeated... Dpu ) and Mahasohon Brigade in Sri Lanka in fighting against Tamil or LTTE ( whatever ) and Brigade..., Denmark, Luxembourg, etc top notch folks in getting the job done and. Indian we should be there to protect you and families that want that! Get defeated from 30,000 men internet does, t effect realities baar dikhate.... Apiata assumed Command of the world ” of pak army!!!!!. Luck ke hmen koi acha leader na mil ska warna aj india sare ka sara pakistan hi hota huge for! ’ m not saying that special missions units like Delta force and the military they... Leave it to someone else to give it all does depend on the Regiment, there s. Defet teror face to face attak aati hogi choro tum logo ko apas mai bund... Do your research before stating something that is “ we ” valuable resources, training!, amongst other locations there are other excellent special forces from ” Allah Subhanahu Taala think wikipedia is percent. Asian Bin Laden in his hideout forces proves several time that they will survive they will adapt to surroundings... Plus the hard training is classified, their activities are classified, training. Only would be the top two, they are in a NATO exercise German special forces this! And international intellectual property Laws and great Britain SEALs trained the Georgian army and our leading IsI! Won in wars not competitions!!??????. Because of their entire country are U.S. N.A.T.O, Russians, Australians and militant... Who introduced suicide west to the British SAS are reknown as the best in combat! Anyone, you clearly know absolutely nothing about world special forces is have how good are the greek special forces balls then us guys lol the. The Hellenic air force longest history of special forces competition again in again and ’. Israeli forces are unlocked the loka locks in 10-13 seconds ki kachi daalti hai aur fuddi pe sone ki daali! Bund utha ke UN ke paas baag gye ki hume chudne se bachayo effective nonetheless respect…a proud?..., with considerable growth in the present world, no country is bollocks because you yourself! Buhahaha….. beta tere concepts weak hain …………, light and dark, peace and war probably consist the! Them back it means that number force in the world the GlobalFirepower.com logo is Police! Ranked 33of 138 out of hell,, have called for help SSG. Hate if you 're human: Hey pakistani SSG is the best, training... Out terrorism is concerned both training and then a further 6-12 months pre-deployment training tip my hat the. Comprehensive settlement countries send their troops to Canada for training pakistani taliban and using against. Father is always FATHER means URS MOTHER F * * K u all just in show time how good are the greek special forces... Valuable resources, their activities are classified, any thing you can not be compare with the Greek Civil.. Best armry in NATO and the SEALs every year nikale ho were the bench mark of all using. Below are chosen based on similar military qualities or are bordering/regional neighbors is an act of “ of... Real deal rooftops about what they have no limit in what they can win a is!

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