Head office based in Colombo Sri Lanka, Hexagon Asia Privet Limited has become one of the largest GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standards) certified organic latex concentrate producer in the world.

We are also the world’s first certified centrifuge latex company for Fair For Life standards in an effort to bring much needed fairness to the rubber farmers and tappers in the country. We strive to create win-win partnerships in all levels of the value addition process until our customers are delighted with our products and services.

We make sure our strategic supplier community is highly recognized for their utmost efforts to produce organic latex at the highest quality levels. The company has initiated many programs to recognised farmers and the tappers and increase their income levels whilst reducing risk, health and safety.

Our Suppliers.

Our factory is enriched with broader range of organically certified small holder community and regional plantation companies around the factory. Sri Lanka is bless with year around rainfall to most part of the country. Tapping of rubber trees are greatly affected by the rain impacting supply as well as the income of farmers and tappers. We are in the process of helping farmers with new tools to minimise their loss and constantly looking out to diversify our supply chain to minimise the supply risk to our business.

Hexagon Vision

Makes the Earth a Better place to live

Hexagon Mission

We embark on a journey to make the Earth a Better place to live by providing the best products and services with the highest natural content to our customers by adopting Fair For Life principles to our employees and stakeholders of the business.

Ourselves- Right by our company

Our Earth- Make the Earth greener in earthing we do

Our Partners- Create Win-Win Partnerships

Our Consumers- Perceive the highest value in all Products and Services

Our Employees- Feel it the best place to work

Our Processes and Policies- Safe Green and sustainable

Please refer to our Vision and guiding principles


The companies’ current production facility is strategically located between three key rubber growing regions in Sri Lanka and are fed with the best quality rubber certified organic plantations in the island.

Ellawala Centrifuge Factory

Taking forward over 20 years of experience in one of the best quality latex concentrate producing facility in Sri Lanka, Our factory located in Pahalagama Ellawala, Sri Lanka has become a main living income for over 5000 families in and around the factory. The factory is fed with over 2,500 acers of certified organic  plantations renowned for their quality latex.

Bordering Ellawala River and surrounded by blue mountain range, the facility is operated by the workers from the rubber producing village. The factory is fed with a mix of  organically certified regional plantation companies and  small holder communities around the factory. 

Our factory produce organic liquid concentrates of various specifications required by our customers. We also produce organic skim rubber sheets

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