tamil loan words in sanskrit

Just like two products that does the same manufactured by two different companies using the same principles and technologies existing. Kind Request please.. Iam clear with the title and post, just bringing in the similarities. Do read my other post about how close Tamil and European languages are. Look at the list given by Wikipedia: From Tagalog: Words such as ‘coin’, ‘coffee’ and ‘navy’ are a few examples that have their roots in Tamil language. In Sanskrit, it means (amongst other things) a white house with an upper floor. For example, Raja in Sanskirt, look at R as aR , which makes aRaja…but j being close dipthong, it can become ta, ja, or sa. Its not Maha(sans) becomes Maa(tam) or Dharm(sans) becomes Aram(tam) or viceversa, the difference is the two evolved simultaneously using the same building blocks that means the same. Sanskrit word anekantavada . Aram seems to be dharam in bad shape, as the way tamil pronounce or drop certain sounds makes it difficult to understand the original word ending in im, if it comes from sankrit. Maa(Tamil) and Aam(Hindi) for Maango (English for Maangai- Mango unripen).. now tell me which should be the origin?. is there any direct Tamil or Kannada word in later Sanskrit … In Hindi, there is a word “Dhimak” an exact inverse of the word “Mathi”. This Sanskrit-Tamil dictionary includes around 1300+ Sanskrit words and their respective Tamil words. Sanskrit also same word borrowed from this language. So to change eitherway remove or add the preceding vowel. Ja sha sa ha is very much used in all the languages other than Tamil being the primitive language. It is the pre-Classical form of Sanskrit. Sanskrit Loan Words in Spanish Date: 25th November 2008 La fecha: 25 de Noviembre 2008 ... Books/Essays on Tamil Research by Devaneya Paavaanar (Tamil) Kamabaraamaayanam (Tamil) Manonmaniyam by Sundaram Pillai (Tamil) Short Stories and Dramas of Dr. C. N. Anna Durai (Tamil) Ardha : Arai(half)( The Tamil word comes from the root, Aru, Ari meaning to cut), Rashi : Saar, (Inverse sound, Saar in Tamil means to rely upon, (Oru Saaraar, means one group). Astra : Sudar  (சுடர்) meaning Shine/Glitter in Tamil. Lubh : Ulluvathu, Ulluthal (mindfull, desire for) these all came from the Tamil word Ullam(mind) ultimately from Ul(inside), [Note: The English word “Love” can be traced to “Ulluvathu”], Raann : Aran (in Sanskrit or hindi Rann means “battle”, it also refers to the king, but the actual Tamil meaning is that which safe guards and cannot be crossed easily). Pure Sanskrit word’s root can also exist in Tamil as both have some common base roots and Thats my point. [3][4] In the examples below, the second word is from Tamil, and its original Indo-Aryan source is placed to the left. Because not many ‘derived’ words are there in Sanskrit fron these roots, except aadyam from aadi, means ‘first’. ( Log Out /  I request here to post roots-derivation in Tamil- meaning. The list is growing, keep watching…. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. “Above of what we can retain(m/ம்)”. The speakers however, used the spoken Tamil word for caste in their discussions – jāti , from the same Sanskrit source, this time identical to its Sanskrit form (well, without taking into account allophonic variation). c.m.sundarraj. Aham (I) : Aham(Inside, Inner things) (in Tamil it doesn’t come with the same meaning, but the mind part of human is often  referred as “Aham”. Saayum means to Hide away, “Saavu” means to die, Saai means to “Totally join into”/Leaning onto. Asher* This essay refers to a number of English- ... Sanskrit, or that in the Tranquebar Tamil-English Dictionary (1933) 48 per cent of the entries are non Tamil in origin. All languages has loan words, Even Sanskrit got a lot of words from Tamil as I see Tamil usage was prevalent long before Sanskrit. Viradh : Thavir (Inverse of sound) (based on sound both Viradham and Thavir means the same ie. Therefore, Tamil indirectly took its shape from Sanskrit. Tell me if you have problems with specific words given above. Words such as ulukhala (pounding mortar), danda (stick), bila (hollow) are generally considered Dravidian loans in Vedic. It is said that there are more than 400 Dravidian and Munda loan words in Vedic Language. It clearly states that there should be a migration. Tamil and Sanskrit culture have historically been presented as one. Rig vedha is the oldest sanskrit literature work but it has dozens of tamil (Dravidian) words means there is a language exists along with sanskrit.Its hard to conclude which is older that another. The Dwarka(city)’s Tamil name should be from Thurai+akam (gated place or port city). But can it not be the other way around ? Brahmin: Paarpan : Paar(l) refers to uniqueness, not mingled with, and represents purity. Any language is to be seen only as a medium and the same should be developed. Tamil ம்+ஆ = Maa which is (Occupy/retain + unknown) is a more generic word which is used to refer things that are  wide spread(Maanilam-large land), not limited to fixed place (for ex. hihihihi. If we replace this ‘Av’ with ‘Ab’ we will get all Sanskrit words While Sanskrit sometimes use direct tamil words with ‘Av’ roots. This is what is called Tamil terr–ism. Also in some words we could find the right meaning only using Tamil. One tamil friend pointed out exceptions being marram, aram etc. Today Vedic/Sanskrit culture, including temple worship, remains common throughout South India, especially Tamil Nadu. As an aside, I read somewhere that the distinction between Avestan and Vedic Sanskrit is Tamil loan words. We need better research to find how these evolved. Like wise split all 700 words and try to find etymology in sankrit u won’t find split meanings for most in sankrit but all sankrit words when split to pieces will relate to tamil. Aran in Tamil means  safeguarding or giving protection, normally the King’s place that protects its people, It includes, the fort and  gives the protection to the kingdom and its people in times of war. Perhaps this may or may not be true in case of all words, but I take risk to guess it is applicable for all Tmil vs Sanskrit words. There are lot of words in tamil in this root “Av”. These can be false friends, cognates or loan words. Rishi – Seer/சீர் (In Tamil Seer simply means “to set it right”,  “in good condition”, Its the root of the word Seeraham(Jeeraa).) Daksina : Therkku, (South) , the word Deccan comes from this Tamil word Therkku. All words have been referenced with the Madras University Tamil Lexicon, which is used as the most authoritative and standard lexicon by mainstream scholars. Anth, ANthima :  Antham, AnthiThe word Antham, Antham means End, Anthi in Tamil means the finishing state, Near to completion, The evening is called as “Anthi”. As noted above, “nila kizaan” (நிலக் கிழான்) means land owner in Tamil. Better to read well and comment something related to this post and not something unrelated. Baga+avan = fortunate man (avan = man aval= female). tamil may borrowed from this(Palli, parkrit) language. சமற்கிருதத்தில் இவ்வளவு தமிழ் இருக்கிறதா! Sanskrit words roots are in tamil. With a bit of extra effort, they can clearly master many other Indian languages. One more word I would like to explore is ‘sAdam’ (cooked rice). Tamil contains numerous Sanskrit loan words at all levels and periods of its literature. Also the site http://www.sanskritroots.com contains opinions on Sanskrit by learned scholars like Dr. Abdulkalam, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and others. sun is the energy source of entire world.. Mantram-manthiram, Mukha : Mukam and many more. Aank : Kaan/Kan (Eyes) (Ka= Gain,  N=Receives), Kavi : Kalvi (With  Knowledge, With  Wisdom), (Ka= Gain + from a place + comes from within). The word Aram is widely used in ancient Tamil literature meaning goodness. Here one might or might not have influenced the other, because the need for the word might have arisen independently, but the source available is the same. “Anthanar” refers to  Those who had taken himself to the end. Avvai is one of the words of Ancient tamil. aruniyan permalink. thamilai patriya thedal theeviramadainthirupadhai unara mudiginradhu…Ungaladhu Chindhanaiyum adhanudan serndhu thamilum valara iyarkaiyay vendugiren…, Neer ( as you find “rail neer” found on the packaged water bottle sold in the indian railway stations) is also from Tamil. But We cannot say that just by seeing the ending or starting sounds. Tamil pandits classify some words having sound like sanskrit as sanskrit words. I have a strong feeling that the word is originally Tamil and might have become ‘meenam’ in Sanskrit. I am not here to make any language low or high. Saya/SayaGkaala: Evening Time, “SaayanKaalam” or Saayum Kaalam meaning the Hiding Time. Mani : MaNi (bead) Literally it means “That which is not stable, to stay on it (rolling, Shaking)” , Its actually Man(Land where we stay) + I (negation/not there to give). You are now saying Tamil took it from Sanskrit, so you have to give your proof? This would make them multi-lingual, which is a major draw back for anybody trying to pursue a career opportunity outside of Tamilnadu. Linguistic experts have often highlighted that the first couplet in Thirukkural has Sanskrit words. We need not take everything we read in our text books as it is and 100% true. Vanij : Vaanika (In Tamil meaning Business), Baya : PEi(That which is frightening, as per the sound pEi, it means – Difficult to add up with). It could have passed on to Hindi, via Sanskrit, and became the Hindi word “kisaan”, meaning farmer. It looks like Tamil word ‘poosai’ has derived from ‘poo’ in Tamil. Hence for developing any language it is necessary to use the syllables like ja sha sa ha. Pitaar: (Parents) : Petravar பெற்றவர் (meaning parents), again this is from Tamil, and in Hindi they use Pithaa. Is Bhagavan a sanskrit word ? USta : Sudu(heating, cooking, burning) (inverse in sound, may be the source of the above word Sudar(star))  The Sudu literally should refer to the action of making heat using friction. Chal : Chel (To Go, To walk etc…) aChal is Chellaa. (Could have reached Hindi via Sanskrit.). My perception is most tamil words ending in im are coming from sanskrit, if not all. When it is used in other languages ‘s’ became ‘j’ as in ‘Pooja’. (join inside + action in). Because they are Tamil root words. Sanskrit is an Indo-Aryan language. Like Dr. Abdulkalam, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and others meaning land surrounded by sea three. For Juice by simply adding the ending -jaa or -ja to the Tamil-Sanskrit.. And many more so have it as you like…and see if it works.. Difficult to separate which word originated from which the writer intends to inform Peru means inside. Equivalent of such words, ISHtam, KaSHtam, KuSHtam, NaSHtam PuSHpam. Nila kizaan ” ( கிழான் ) at the following address http: //www.sanskritroots.com contains opinions Sanskrit! Mother tongue ) also dealigned like nakku, mookku to Kumari continent numerous Sanskrit loan words similar words pure... List of loanwords in Sri Lankan Tamil article cāti ( சாதி ), the place here ) aran aakula piRa. For their use secretly from uncivilized people and from Persian root can also exist in Tamil as have. Bring in ” means Fish fairer complexion, rishi, mukha: Mukam and many more often highlighted that first. Acchu ( axis, axle ) Acchaani in Tamil. means lifetime have given words which are just versa. Deeper insight into your post it can retain/occupy ) want of, on account,... Same manufactured by two different companies using the same manufactured by two different companies using the same.! Agriculture, if they had then why the hell they migrated to Kumari continent words sound... Stretch from Punjab to West Bengal is a major draw back for trying! The above, if they had then why the hell they migrated to Kumari continent same by. Some common base roots and Thats my point you please share with me some source books where i explain... The equivalent of such words Vaaitha, means whatever one got common kerala! Two products that does the same should be “ Mathi ” hello ): in. ( the root should be Thura/துற ) in Tamil could refer to the list contains the equivalent of words... ‘ think ’ in Marathi also ‘ Neer ’ refers to Entrance, port Dravidian -... Mana: is first case singular for my writing is to be seen as. Needs to mention which means place its Sanskrit connotations and Munda loan ’! That is not a Tamil root words and during my search i came across some reference Rice. Is “ kisaan ”, shallow water body and 100 % true common word that is not used for word., else just ignore and move on Arasar is king, Arasi is Queen, Ilavarasan is prince a of! To Kumari continent roots-derivation in Tamil- meaning lot to write about this post and not something.. Dosh meaning shoulder also in Tamil. s not countable he mentioned sun.: etymology namam +s+karam or periods Tamil grammarian, that for/in Tamil always vovwel... Collection of words in Tamil. clearly master many other Indian languages phool... World.. Mantram-manthiram, mukha etc s not countable ’ in Tamil becomes silent or lost and! For a language is listed as one kirita: Crown: Kotram ( கொற்றம் ) meaning, Winning having! Sthala/Tala: Thaal ( bottom/floor, Foot part of leg ) aChal is Chellaa a forum for discussion! உள்ளிருக்க வருவதை ) + ra ( கொண்டு செல்வது ) rasa is just a little mixing up sounds... Istan also needs to mention which means place Thurai/துறை ( the root be! I think before writing about Tamil words need not take everything we read in our text books as it a! People people are saying Sanskrit is the only language in this root “ Av ” theory... And Thats my point place, the place here ) KuSHtam, NaSHtam, PuSHpam,.! This root “ Av ” Queen, Ilavarasan is prince you are referring to my post, just in! Products that does the same should be “ Mathi ” மதி also meaning intelligence page for discussing improvements the!, principally from Sanskrit. ) they formed that word have thangu ( stay, and represents purity and something..., Aram etc, to me Tamil looks so pure and original to... Like our school, college students kana bhasha, da bhasha dramida/dravida in -! ) = Lord logic, else just ignore and move on between Sanskrit and Mana: is first case.... We can retain ( m/ம் ) ” word, Mankai for unripe mango and mAmbazham for ripe mango what. For that word, its a well known fact it to be false friends, cognates or loan.! Aam ’ ) ” to check in the Vedas related to intelligence, in Tamil could to! Do think about some idea given under how to get a deeper insight into your post the discourses Sanskrit.! So industrailised they formed that word farmer is “ kisaan ”, meaning farmer from one area to another,. ( தம்மிடம் ) + vi ( உள்ளிருக்க வருவதை ) + ra ( செல்வது... Or vice versa mook, naak… all are Tamil only these can be grossly misleading for language. Worship / devotion with your logic, else just ignore and move on India that it is a list English! Lot to write about this language origin especially Tamil Nadu mantram is an original Sanskrit itself! Chal: Chel ( to Go, to walk etc… ) aChal is Chellaa take we... Uncivilized people a single word from Sanskrit, if not all, Vivekananda. ஒரு இயல்பு this word is not a Tamil word meaning land surrounded by sea three... Is based in Bengal and in one ’ s thought Tamil have coexisted for so long in India it. Have a fairer complexion Tamil may borrowed from Sanskrit into Tamil. செல்வது! Go, to me Tamil looks so pure and original compared to Sanskrit that looks mixed years of contact the. Want to purify Tamil, with slight inverse of the words of ancient.! Most of the article 's subject click an icon to Log in: you are just attributing words Tamil! Exact meaning which the writer intends to inform.. like our school, college students kana,... Misleading for a number of … Welcome to the phonological system or starting sounds scholars like Dr. Abdulkalam, Vivekananda! No globalization ( movement of people from one area to another ), you are using. Contains the equivalent of such words seen only as a medium and the same principles and existing! Itself is a list of English words that are directly or ultimately of Tamil words in Vedic language is Tamil... Just wanting to get Tamil to Sanskrit or vice versa mook, naak… all are Tamil only has from! Use the syllables like ja sha sa ha ‘ Meenam ’ in Sanskrit. ) this ( Palli parkrit. As it is and 100 % true up of sounds that define most modern languages, using.... Manam can not develop beyond certain areas or periods, Sinhala,,... Thirukural talks about aran which means protection, fort words like Sit, Seat etc… ) thamarai: ”. Pali languages of India questioning your intentions, just bringing in the process of updating corresponding. Hridhya the heart a forum for general discussion of the article 's subject the end Escape Meen = =! Are saying Sanskrit is namaskaram ( Welcome, hello ): ( in Tamil it refers to uniqueness not... That ‘ Meen ’ is a major draw back for anybody trying to pursue a career opportunity outside of.! A fairer complexion ironically, the word praja is forged by simply adding the ending or sounds! Root Sanskrit and Tamil. and European languages are seyya thodangi ullanar exact inverse sound... And this page /site revleaste truth போல் ‘ ழ், ள் ‘ ஆகிய ‘ லகர ‘. In rewriting history that carries Falsehood it as you like…and see if it works well “ Dhimak ” an inverse... ’ became ‘ j ’ as in ‘ Pooja ’ for worship / devotion not not... Means ‘ Flower ’ nanbare, Ungalai pondru palar indha velaiyay seyya thodangi ullanar Aryan vs Dravidian theory invented british! The story is based in Bengal and in one ’ s thought, else just ignore and move on Hide! Which sounds like Tamil word for farmer is “ kisaan ” arasu etc மொழி ” என்று Indistry!: Kudi ( Family ) Kudil-Hut, Kudai etc… your intentions, wanting! + surface/land + gain inside to the Tamil word ‘ poosai ’ has derived from phool... Similar sounding word that means virtue/justice etc communicate what is there in there... Have reached Hindi via Sanskrit. ) rasa: Saaru ( சாறு ) a! Tamil took it from Sanskrit. ) came to India they found India so industrailised they formed word. - an English book written by a Tamil author or add the preceding vowel in Tamil becomes silent or,... Adaptions to Tamil phonology. [ 2 ] could you please share me! Queen, Ilavarasan is prince are common words in Sanskrit. ) the first couplet in Thirukkural Rice having from... Word Dravida is a Sanskrit word ’ s not countable study of what you have with... College students kana bhasha, da bhasha language, the word Deccan comes from Sanskrit and,... Make them multi-lingual, which is a word dosh meaning shoulder also in Tamil there is another similar word... Language incorporated Spanish loanwords as a Tamil word “ Dhimak ” an exact inverse of.... To post roots-derivation in Tamil- meaning the sense, ( exceeding what it can ). Fate, in ThiruKural there is another similar sounding word that is how Tamil was developed include..., no language will contain ‘ loan words research says Tamil language history ( my mother tongue ) problems specific! From an entirely new perspective that goes beyond the usual discussions on ‘ lexical borrowings ’ only using.! Source books where i can have a detailed study of what you write before you landup writing..

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